Xlog is a GTK+ Logging program for Hamradio Operators

Xlog will display a log with the most recent contacts added to the top. You can add, delete and edit log entries. The log is saved into a text file. You can open, close and create logs as you need them. Xlog supports cabrillo, ADIF, trlog (format also used by tlf), and EDI (ARRL VHF/UHF contest format) and can import twlog, editest and OH1AA logbook files. QSO’s can be entered with any date, because xlog can sort your log chronologically, provided you use the correct date format (see the MANUAL at http://xlog.nongnu.org/).


sudo apt-get install xlog

First steps after installation

Xlog creates the data directory to save user logs and preferences as shown below.

Xlog Setup

Next enter the name of your log file:

Create your log file

Now configure your log preferences. I used the defaults initially but I did take note of the options.

Xlog editor preferences

Now set up your preferences. These are configured under Settings->Preferences.

Edit the General settings for you particular setup.  I edited the Bands section only:

General settings

Now edit your station information:

Station info

Save the settings by clicking on the OK button and you are ready to use Xlog.

Xlog is a very simple logging program and does not have all the bells and whistles that CQRLOG has, but for many people, simple is better.

73, de VE1CSY