KLog is a Ham radio logging program for Linux / OSX / Windows written by Jaime Robles

KLog has many features that help the ham radio operator to manage their log:

KLog is able to:

  • Add/Edit/Search QSOs,
  • Manage QSL’s,
  • Support DXCC, WAZ and local awards,
  • Support basic IOTA, Satellite,
  • Import data from several formats:
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Serbian, Galician and Swedish,
  • Connect to DX-Clusters.

KLog uses the cty.dat file to obtain the DX entities information. It is important to keep this file updated.

This is the KLog’s review on eHam.net


The current version of KLog is  To install, open a terminal window and type:

sudo apt-get install klog

Follow the prompts and you are ready to start KLog.  One note, however, is that it does not create a desktop launcher so you have to start it from a terminal window or create your own desktop launcher.

From a terminal window, type:

klog &

This will start KLog and return you to the terminal window.

KLog welcome message, click Next.
Accept the license agreement.
Download the country data
Download the current cty.csv file

Open the setup menu to start creating your log file. First you will need to enter your station info.

Enter your station info.
Select your bands and modes of operation.
Select any miscellaneous options. I used the defaults.
Now create a new log file.
Fill in the data you need. I did see some odd behavior at first so I entered only some basic info to start.
You should now see your log file info.
Setup you DXCluster if necessary. You can add your own DXCluster if required.
Add you club logbook if needed.

Click OK and your setup is now complete. You should now see the main KLog window as shown below.

The main KLog window.